The Wisdom of Pets

  Sunday, April 5, 2020: Today the first Unitarian Church of Victoria presented an “isolation” service where leaders and congregation alike participated from their homes via the internet conferencing scheme, ZOOM. It was great, technically viable and full of content. One of the questions put out to the congregation with referenced to the pandemic wasContinue reading “The Wisdom of Pets”

Acknowledgements: Roderick Haig-Brown, E.J. Hughes, Takao Tanabe, R. Restrepo

    Roderick Haig-Brown is one of my heroes as an articulate naturalist and effective human being. Roderick’s novels, Starbuck Valley Winter and Saltwater Summer, inspired me as a boy; Saltwater Summer is a story about learning responsibility the hard way; I wanted to be a fisherman like its heroes, Don and Tubby. These booksContinue reading “Acknowledgements: Roderick Haig-Brown, E.J. Hughes, Takao Tanabe, R. Restrepo”