Easter Sunday


Easter Among the Birds

In the cool still air
that wraps us all in cleanliness
the birds call from all around
witnessing the rising sun.
I mimic their varied voices and with them say
“A new day! A new day!”

The man we know as “Saviour”
said as much before the others shut him down.
The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand each new day
to those who rise and leave their wrongs
in the wreckage of the past.

Step outside,
let the chill air wash you clean.
Engage your rusty voices – they need use.
And join the wise and simple birds,
“A new day! A new day!”

(April 21, 2019)


plum panorama 03-06-2 (2)

Oh Let Our Prayers be Music

Plum tree searches sunward,
Each shoot a prayer for space and light.

Here, we celebrate all living,
Effulgent blooming from a distant centre,
Yet disciplined by horizon’s line,
Reminder of that which grounds us to the earth

Upon this holy matrix our dreams and cares
In seeming isolation we affix.
Yet they are bonded to the whole and in their numbers shape it.

As wind through trees, oh let our prayers be music,
Our dissonances brief,
Resolving to a rich amen.

(April 2006)



5 thoughts on “Easter Sunday

  1. it’s remarkable how poems still the anxious mind. thankyou Farrell. and thankyou and Penny for your contributions through the years of “song and dance” to the community. xo Heather


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